Breakaway Hearts (Kelly Brothers #2)


Nothin’ like sharing a Red Vines-flavored kiss with a stranger - especially when said kiss is displayed by the "Kiss Cam" on the Jumbotron at a Vancouver Whales game!

Ben’s not the type to do things impulsively but this hottie, with hair the color of a smurf, makes him want to turn a soul-shattering one-night-stand into something more. Thing is, the only thing greeting him in the morning is a note with a heart drawn on it. No number, no address, no nothing. What the flip?

Nine months later, Hailey ends up with more than she ever bargained for from one night of bliss. When attempts to contact Ben through his PR person are rejected, she’s left confused and on her own. So, years later, when Ben suddenly appears in her close-knit small town, she’s none too hospitable. Even for a Canadian.

Ms. McHugh definitely knows how to play with the big dogs. Play by play, “Breakaway Hearts” rivals any hockey game. It’s a story that flies at a rapid pace, engages the reader from beginning to end, has “players” that you can’t help but cheer for, and throws in passionate encounters worthy of a standing cheer. Throw on your “Breakaway Hearts” jersey and don a giant foam finger ‘cause: It. Will. It. Will. Rock you! Ya!

Sofia St. Angeles