Heather B. Moore, Rebecca Connolly,
Sophia Summers

Camila Brandon’s father owns the Denver Chargers hockey team.  She recently moved back home to Denver and is working to increase the players’ social media presence to get more fans at the games.  Declan Rivera, nicknamed Dice because of his inconsistent play, is definitely not a social media devotee.  Declan starts spending time with Camila as she helps him set up his Instagram and Twitter accounts.  Camila vowed not to get involved with another hockey player after last time, but the more time she spends with Declan, the harder it becomes for her not to fall for him.

This story is a great blend for those readers who enjoy sports and romance.  “Breakaway” is the 5th installment in the Northbrook Hockey series and each is focused on a different former player of Northbrook Hockey Elite.  This story is a bit cliché as it’s a take on ‘good girl falls for bad boy.’  There is just enough backstory to be informative without being cumbersome.  The reader can jump into the action and not feel lost as it starts with the meeting of Camila and Declan.  The main characters are well-defined and one gets to learn more about them as their relationship develops.  They each have their own unique personality, point of view and baggage which adds to each encounter. The addition of the other players in the series helps create a good picture and ties in the remainder of the series.  “Breakaway” has all of the elements of a wonderful sports romance story—conflicts and resolutions with some hockey thrown in.  The reader can’t help but root for Camila and Declan to sort everything out.

Stephanie Shaw