Brea And The City of Plastic

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Brea is smart, blonde and built! She is a wanna be screen writer who lives in Northern California when she gets laid off from the magazine for whom she is working. She hooks up with a fellow student named Lance, and he talks her into moving to LA to chase her screen writing dreams.

Brea and Lance decide to hit the club scene where they meet the lead singer of a local band. There is an instant connection between Drew and Brea. Brea wants to get closer to Drew, but her attempts are always thwarted by his ever revolving chain of girlfriends. When she decides to go listen to his band one night without Lance, she meets Kale. A hot, wealthy producer, who when he learns of her screen writing interest, is willing to read her scripts along with her anatomy.

While this book is not classified as erotica, it seems to be fixated on the sex between one woman and three different men. The first couple of chapters in this book are very basic. The story just doesn't seem to flow, and, although it states the character is intelligent, it doesn't come across in the book. In fact, none of the characters seem to have much personality, the sex scenes are graphic and numerous, and there is no conclusion to any of the relationships by the end of the book. The writing does improve as the story progresses, and hopefully will continue to do so in the rest of the series.

Tonya Smalley