Braving The Wild Elements (Love Salvation)

Susan Jean

Hurricane Harry is fast approaching the Eastern Seaboard. Amy is Arielle’s twin sister who lives over the bridge in the bay, and is currently not informed about the evacuation that has been ordered for her area. Great! Her car won’t start, now Arielle who lives on higher land has to drive out and rescue her sister and ill feeling pooch. When heading for home and still fighting the wind and the storm, they spot a male hitchhiking… in this weather? Is he a transient? They cannot chance it and offer him a ride. He is at his lowest and explains how he’s been taken advantage of by so-called friends. Jax found the right duo to bring him in from the storm. Will they survive the hurricane? Things are looking grim.

Ms. Ricci has a fun and suspense filled double romance in “Braving the Wild Elements”. This is a super quick read and a wonderful romance, held at an acceptable pace to wrap readers up in the drama, however may be a bit quick for reality lovers. The storm creates a bubble where things are far from normal. Mix in a couple pups that need a vet, brings in the final player in this twin romance drama. The characters are fun loving and sincere. Readers may want much, much more from these budding relationships. A great plot and a steady arc make for a smooth story in such stormy times! Kudos for a fun, dramatic, quick read!

Viola Robins