Both Sides Now


"Both Sides Now" begins as Dawn's family moves from sunny southern California to rainy Washington, where she tries to fit in and thrive.  Through trying circumstances and despite many obstacles, Dawn finds love with Shawn, the boy next door.  However, events both self-inflicted and contrived by fate separate her from her love and hurl her into a life of trials and sorrows. Years later, when Dawn finds love once more, she will need to find the courage to open her heart again and this time not let go. The companion volume to Shawn Inmon's first book, "Feels Like the First Time", this is Dawn’s story.

A memoir of first and final love, Dawn is a real life character with both flaws and perfections. Her life is not fairy tale perfect, nor does it have a perfect and quick ending. The story itself doesn't conclude until many years later. However, readers will enjoy reading about this real life couple who made mistakes as teenagers, struggled to maintain their love and family relationships, and still triumphed in the end despite many bad relationship choices in between. Dawn is young when her love begins and told through the eyes of her later self.  Readers will find amusement in her choices as well as admire her willingness to address her choices - both good and bad.  A gripping novel, readers won’t be able to put the book down until the amazing conclusion and will find themselves sighing in disappointment when there is no more to read.


Sarah E Bradley