Boss Lady (Driven Women #2)


Harper is CJ’s stock car manager, and best friend. They have been racing under Harper’s family team banner for years but have a desire to strike out on their own in the mostly male-dominated industry to make strides in the industry for women. However, in business the road is seldom smooth. Falling for Cal, the man who’s investing in their business is not a road bump Harper wants. Similarly, the last thing Cal expected when he came to visit his brother was to find himself investing in a new race team, but once he gets to know the snappy Harper, he simply can’t help but want to see her succeed—and maybe win her heart. Winning the resistant Harper’s affections becomes a little more complicated, though, when family secrets and obligations cause Cal’s life to crumple around him.

Race cars aren’t the only thing that raises the heart rate in this corporate adrenaline race. The story features a swoon-worthy hero willing to show his feelings and true desire to see the women he cares for succeed even amongst the chaos of his own life. However things get confusing fast, as hefty info dumps require the reader to get up to speed with large chunks of backstory and family dynamics within the first few pages. While Harper’s fiery, independent attitude makes her a woman you wouldn’t want to mess with, it often causes her to come off as abrasive and selfish, making her an unlikeable character. However, the romance that blooms between Harper and Cal is beautiful in the way it develops both the characters as a couple and the dreams they share.

Annalee Stilove