The Bonds of Matri-money

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After losing a lawsuit, Renata Moon and Connell MacAllister might possibly have toclose their non-profit business. The cost of the settlement is too high, and the business is lacking the funds: that is, until Renataʼs neighbor Lillian comes up with the idea that the two should compete in a reality show called The Bonds of Matri-money. If they win, the prize is a million dollars, and it would solve not only the non-profit's problems, but numerous others as well. There is always a but.......Renata and Connell would have to have a quickie marriage in order to compete in the show. Not only will they have to marry, they soon find out after arriving in Bali, that they must compete while handcuffed to one another the entire time. Having to spend hours upon hours handcuffed together, feelings begin to emerge but by the time the competition ends they will have to decide whatʼs most or money.

The Bonds of Matri-money is a fun twist on the reality show Survivor. Ms. Ardito pens a yummy, sexy character in Connell, a man every woman would dream of. Renata however, starts out likeable, but turns into a very unlikeable person. It makes one wonder how Connell can put up with her, and her lousy attitude douses the flames of a what could be a five-star story. She would be voted off the island in a heartbeat! Lillian and Connell both make up for what lacks in Renata, but she does redeem herself and the ending leaves one with a satisfied smile!


Tonya Smalley