Blue Moon Over Texas


Jake Reilly is a cowboy who's been brought up with tough love.  When he loses his heart to Carol Tanner in high school  he can't bring himself to say those three little words and loses the best gal in his life.  Carol moves on to college in the big city of Austin, Texas to pursue her goals but leaves one dream behind unfulfilled - marrying Jake.  Now in her 30's, she moves back to Morris Springs to start a business and open her heart once again to her family and Jake.  Old habits die hard, however, as they find themselves back at the same impasse. Carol runs into some trouble with Dalton, a new face in town and Jake gets protective. He begins to realize he may lose the best thing in his life twice if he doesn't make a decision. Meanwhile, Dalton is causing a lot of problems for the locals and has even gone so far as to threaten Carol, but Jake knows this time around he won't lose what's his!  
The author creates such a strong connection between her characters that the further one reads, the more it provokes the excitement!  Reilly is callous and stubborn but one can't help falling in love with him.  His character exudes manliness but shows he has a heart underneath it all, and the ongoing tension between Carol and Jake... electrifying! The overall story has a down home, small town roots feel.  It also has a tantalizing amount of twists and turns that keeps the story lively.  If you've never fallen in love with a cowboy before be prepared to have your heart stolen by this one!

Margaret Faria