Blue Moon and Starry Nights

Ryan Jo

While working late one night, Spencer Days, as he leaves his office, comes face to face with a daunting reality. His boss, Louis, is a crime lord. A deadly one. Louis orders his extermination, an order that sends him to the Witness Protection Program (WPP) landing him at a faraway island, Driftwood Bay. Under a new name, David Stone, Spencer’s life is transformed from that of an affluent antique broker to that of a garbage collector. Not bad, considering he gets to stay alive if he follows all the guidelines that he receives under the WPP. There is just one small issue here. A heart in love is never keen to follow any set of guidelines. Hoping to make his newly found sweetheart happy with her ice-cream business, David Stone ends up exposing his whereabouts through a single error. How will he survive the wrath of his tormentor?

The storyline is nothing short of delightful, enchanting, and thoroughly entertaining. Who wouldn’t want to know how an affluent bachelor fairs on a faraway island working as a garbage collector? The unexpected romance thread that gradually picks up a pleasant pace adds a beautiful feather to the already nicely-decked plot. However, it would have been better if the author had loosened up the grip on the proverbial pen allowing all the scenes to be fully fleshed out. That would have allowed the world-building to blossom to its fullness. Any reader wouldn’t miss the suspense that comes with knowing that a character’s secrets are bound to erupt at some point, an aspect that keeps “Blue Moon and Starry Nights” very engaging.

JM Lareen