Blood and Bone – Blood and Bone Series, Book 1


Little ditty about Jack and Amber; about Jack and Mia; and about Jack and Erin. A bruising and abusive childhood leads teenager Jack O'Donnell to find solace in music, his tight-knit group of friends, and the arms of three very different women. After seizing an opportunity and unable to deny his high school crush on Amber, Jack shoots his shot and scores. Nevermind Amber also happens to be his buddy’s girl. After a brutal beating from his father, Jack convinces Mia to run away to Los Angeles. They develop a strong bond as they write songs together. After surviving a successful rock-n-roll career, Jack seduces journalist Erin with a project she can't refuse. Needless to say, Jack’s ambition, talent, and love life are the stuff songs are written about, but will the side notes of abuse and addiction be the road blocks that destroy the man?

Raw, real, and romantic, "Blood and Bone" is a beautiful ballad of flawed people running from inner demons and searching for love. This is a contemporary story filled with characters readers will find relatable, annoying, and intriguing. The tortured, charismatic rock star trope is slightly predictable but fleshed out with reflective flashbacks of brutal honesty and accountability. The effects of Jack's addictive nature aren't sugar-coated, and his magnetic charm oozes from the pages. Readers will fall into the rock star’s world of a nomadic lifestyle filled with music tours, studio sessions, and addictive enticements. Readers will enjoy how Ms. Dombrowiak manages to compose a story that shows a love for music and a compassion for addicts with a slightly dark, romantic, and soulful perspective.

Tonya Mathenia