Blinding Fate (Role of Fate - Book 2)


Wrong place, wrong time. This summarizes the cruel turn of events that forced Meg Johnson into a life of solitude and fear. Once a promising chef, she now lives in fear, hiding in a new town without a soul to call friend besides her elderly neighbor. This relationship challenged her motto for survival - make no personal connections; stay below the radar. When her neighbor goes missing, Detective Tyler McMann bursts into her solitary life, forcing her to take a long hard look at her choices and darkest fears. As a police officer, he has to trust his instincts. He felt Meg was in trouble and he needed to save her; however, he had to get over his own wounded heart before he could offer his to Meg. He just hoped he could convince her of his true feelings before her ugly past catches up with her.

Suspenseful. Exciting. Smart. Ms. Lassiter wove little tidbits of the mystery throughout the novel keeping the romance reader involved in the characters' budding relationship as well as the mystery buff's problem-solving compulsion satisfied. The back and forth of the character's point of view made the story flow and drew the reader deeply into the quaintness of the small town and its quirky residents. The artful craft of the writer completely pulls the reader in and urges them on to try and solve Meg and Tyler's dilemmas. Ultimately, helping them achieve their happily ever after and begin their future without secrets or danger. 

Amy Willis