Blind Attraction

A. C.
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James Templeton is every woman’s dream: extremely handsome, charismatic, and wealthy. He has reached a point in his life where he is tired of the trophy dates, and of being alone. As he walks by a store front window, he sees this stunning beauty, a woman he just has to meet.  He comes up with a plan to meet her but he is derailed by a car accident that leaves him blind. Not knowing if his sight will return he continues with his plan to meet the woman he remembers in his mind. Walking into the shop with his dry cleaning, he meets Victoria Davis, the owner, and the woman he thinks he has been dreaming about. In actuality the woman he has been wanting to meet is Victoria’s BFF, Taylor. Victoria helps him find the dry cleaner next door, and the sparks immediately ignite! Their relationship heats up, but so do Victoria’s insecurities. Will James still want her when his sight returns, or will Taylor’s beauty supersede any feelings he has for Victoria?


There are a few things that are a bit unrealistic with this story. First, James takes going blind in stride, no screaming or yelling as most would do. Second, Taylor is not a person one would want as a BFF, the things she does and says to Victoria just makes one want to slap her silly. Victoria’s insecurities are understandable, but irritating after awhile. However, this is a sweet, romantic tale that has one’s emotions running the gamut from laughter to tears. It makes one realize that being blind, one must see more with the heart, than with the eyes.


Tonya Smalley