Blame It on Mistletoe (North Pole, Alaska Book One)


Five year-old JD sent a letter to Santa Claus last year asking for his deceased father to come knocking at his door, but Saint Nick never answered his letter. So this year he sends another letter asking for the same thing. Then he stows away in his neighbor’s camper and goes to North Pole, Alaska, to talk to “Saint”. His widowed mother Abby is horrified when she realizes that JD has run away and enlists police help. Then her husband’s best friend Frank offers to help find the missing child. What starts off as a search for a lost child becomes a journey to finding two hearts that need each other.


Delightful is just one of the words that can be used to sum up this poignant novel. Ms. Fox brilliantly captures the innocence of a five year-old child and spins a unique Christmas tale around him. The characters of North Pole are so believable that one would expect to see them, should one venture to Alaska. With everything else being so believable, it is difficult to believe a typical little five year old boy could manage to get up to Alaska as a stowaway without being detected. Also, how would he know to bring money for meals? That said it is a wonderful tale, with a beautiful love story developing within the main story. "Blame it on Mistletoe" is an enchanting way to start off a trilogy!


Belinda Wilson