A Bittersweet Bed


On a hot San Diego night NCIS agent Jack McConnell gives Cammie Richards a warning :  their roll between the sheets will be sizzling but meaningless. She agrees, having no idea how complicated life can get.  Three years later Jack reappears, still wanting the steam but not the commitment. When Cammie and her toddler need a place to stay, Jack offers an arrangement - she cooks, he pays for the apartment. He wants her in his bed, but his past has drawn a dark curtain across marriage. No way will he say the “L” word again.  Not to mention the secret Cammie is keeping - which could tear apart their tenuous bond forever.

The technical writing in “Bittersweet Bed” is very good - Ms. Smith manages to illicit many emotions in the reader during the course of her book.  There are a few points that need work, however - the hero's words make him an egotistical character whose words are too harsh toward Cammie. Character development is key, and while Cammie is a sweet girl in a tough position, her portrayal is a tad two-dimensional. Her son, however, is adorable, and he steals Jack’s heart and warms the story. The plot has a good angle, but the repetitive inner voice of the main characters infers the author does not trust the reader. 

With a couple degrees of adjustment this story can warm the soul and have readers nibbling at their lip until they reach their happy ending. 

Natasza Waters