Bistro Bachelor (Working Man Series #2)


With hopes for the future tied to someone else’s dream, Jack Talon is on a mission to correct his mistakes of the past. He lent money to fund an American professor’s expedition to Peru and now the professor has died without paying his debt, leaving Jack’s restaurant in peril.  Jack is surprised to find out that the professor did leave him something, but it’s not what he expected. From the mountains of Peru, Eden arrives to be at her father’s side during his last moments. Her father gives her a Bible, a pouch to give Jack and the assurance that Jack will help her get home, but Eden quickly realizes that Jack doesn’t want to help her because of his anger toward her father. 

The strong, compelling characters of this appealing and charming romance are both quite clueless in matters of the heart and are complete opposites of each other. Not only are they from two very different walks of life, but Jack has a very big chip on his shoulder and does his best to push Eden away. Eden, who has a strong backbone but is a bit naïve, believes that Jack needs something in his life that can’t be bought. While some of the story, in regards to the mayhem caused by a competitor, is a bit unrealistic, the romance between the hero and heroine is quite interesting. Full of cute, sometimes funny interactions, Bistro Bachelor will, at times, evoke smiles and laughter. At other times, emotionally turbulent scenes will have readers shedding a few tears. An overall engaging, suspenseful and entertaining romance with a surprising but fitting conclusion.

E.L. Hurley