The Billionaire's Alternate Marriage (Limitless Clean Billionaire Romance #4)


Jarret Alvarez is a cancer survivor driven to help others. When he has the opportunity to adopt a boy and help him obtain needed medical treatment, he is dismayed to discover that the agency will not release Gabe into his care without Jarret having a wife. Just when time is running out, the ex-girlfriend he never forgot and her twin sister move in next door. Rylie Malone is astonished to run into Jarret again. Once a trio of best friends, Rylie hadn’t heard from the man she secretly loved since her sister, Carlie, broke up with him. Gabe's health requires Jarret to marry and Carlie is happy to agree. When Rylie is forced to take her twin’s place, will Jarrett once again be left longing for Carlie, or will he discover true romance lies with the other twin?

A sweet conclusion to the “Limitless Clean Billionaire Romance” series, this book takes a friendship and vaults it to true love, giving ‘the one who got away’ a whole new meaning! Jarrett is the smart, nice guy, never confident in his relationships. Rylie is a sweet practical girl, always overshadowed by her flashier, more outgoing twin. The story steadily builds their romance and even provides a satisfying, if predictable, conclusion for all the characters. While the lack of communication as a source of conflict is a clichéd trope, it does keep the characters guessing and provides some amusing conversations for the reader to devour. Overall, readers might just find themselves speeding through this book and hoping Ms. Dearen comes out with another series sooner rather than later!

Sarah E Bradley