The Billionaire Banker (The Billionaire Banker #1)

La Carre

Lana Bloom, desperate to buy the treatment that could save her mother’s life, does not possess the funds necessary to achieve that goal. With all avenues exhausted, she has no recourse left but to sell the only asset of value she possesses. . .her virginity. 

Blake Law Barrington, the cold, billionaire heir to a banking dynasty, who always gets his way, is determined to possess Lana. Doubling the asking price for her virginity, he molds her into his beck-and-call girl without the foresight to see that this transaction is a two-edged sword. 

This book starts out with a bang and reels the reader into a fast-paced, lust-turning-into-love story. The characters’ development keeps pace with the progression of this entertaining tale, but the hero is a little difficult to connect with. The rare glimpses into his emotions along with his aloofness and lack of redemptive qualities, make it hard for the reader to find him endearing. At the beginning of the book, the writing is choppy and hinders the fluidity of the story, but becomes smoother as the story progresses.  

The cliffhanger and lack of HEA might be frustrating to some readers, but the story has enough of a hook to induce anticipation of the sequel. Even though the billionaire playboy falling for the financially strapped woman is an often told story, this novel adds in enough twists to make it an engaging and enjoyable read. 

Janna Shay