The Billionaire’s Temporary Marriage


Brooke is struggling to understand how her 5-year marriage has crumbled overnight. She decides a coffee might perk her up, but find herself covered in billionaire Cole Miller's coffee instead. He attempts to apologize for the mishap and eventually proposes an offer to Brooke that could help them both. She is determined to make it on her own and declines to pose as Cole’s wife in order to aid his withdrawal from a reality dating TV show. After some convincing, Brooke accepts the rationale that he can help her financially. Throughout their time together, Cole persuades his close friends that this all temporary, but even his sister is not falling for the ruse. Everyone knows they are falling in love — except Brooke and Cole.

"Temporary Marriage" provides a clean, comical, and emotional ride through a romance that will have readers cheering for both sides. Brooke and Cole are relatable characters that have their own pasts deterring them from a happily-ever-after. Brooke’s ex-husband is a conceivable jerk that pulls punches and ramps up the tension. Cole’s disability provides a nice subplot of insight into the world of someone who deals with physical challenges and how others treat them. However, Brooke’s ever-present determination to be strong and maintain rules within this temporary marriage is a tad overdone. Readers may question why Cole caves in easily for Brooke, when he has control issues in other areas of his life. There are some great laugh-out-loud moments.  This temporary marriage may be a ruse for Cole to protect his heart, but in the end, he only wants to protect Brooke’s. 

Moira Wolf