Biker’s Librarian (Lords of Mayhem #1)


MOTORCYCLE CLUB:  Needing to break free of her comfort zone, a girl’s night out is just what the doctor ordered when Juliette tosses the idea out to her friends. When they stumble into a local club, Juliette is instantly locked in Shooter’s crosshairs. Unable to deny the sudden allure, and intrigue, Shooter has to have more; yet ever the gentleman he’s determined to take things slow. When their pasts suddenly collide Juliette has only two options: stay and fight, or permit fear to continue its torture. Safeguarding what’s his won’t be easy; but with the Lords of Mayhem at his back, Shooter will do anything to protect her.  Even if that means sacrificing his own heart.  


Packed with action, suspense, and romance, Ms. Colt nails the perfect balance to keep a reader turning the page! The slow burn of inter-racial sexual tension is just what one needs for the explosion of passion that will leave a reader fanning themselves. While both characters are steeped in baggage, the author has done a great job in refraining from making it the focal point, which gives the additional layers of dimension, complexity and depth. The only pitfall one will experience is a jump in the timeline; leaving a reader feeling deprived. However, even with the rushed ending, one will eagerly be anticipating an additional installment. An exemplary job in harmonizing rebel versus innocence delivers a wonderful and provocative read that one can expect to devour in one sitting!! 


Stephanie Lodes