Bigger Things


Best friends for years, Jen, Chelsea, and Kyra have moved through life with some serious burdens, each unaware of what the others hide. There have been a few hiccups along the years, though none of them looked too deeply; except with Jen. Having lost over half of her previous size in weight, everyone knew her problem - they all thought.


Unbelievably poignant, these friends, who thought they knew everything about each other, are going to take a crash course in sticking together through body dysmorphia, years’ long results from sexual abuse, creating personas to please others, and hiding the truth from themselves and those they love. Each of these women is beautiful, and ugly, and weak, and strong, and unfailingly human.  "Bigger Things" is a true look into perseverance, and all its facets. Sweet and unfailingly tongue-in-cheek funny, this story moves from page one, and never stops. The downfall: They need their own books! 


Why? There is so much emotion vested in the struggles and journey of each character that it tears the reader in and out of the varieties of pain and triumph felt with one, before plunging you into another, with little reprieve. Readers will only see Jen’s full happily ever after, and with so much of the journey split between the three of them, having them all in one story does a disservice to the strength each tale can easily tell on its own. The scenes with all three of them could be lifted and placed inside an individual story, and each woman could tell her own tale, and lose nothing of the incredible journey they go on.


Julie York