Big Sky - Timeless Western Collection, Book 2

Kimberly Krey, Annette Lyon,
Cindy Roland Anderson

WESTERN:  “Big Sky” is a collection of three Montana romances filled with independent spitfire cowgirls, chivalrous hunky cowboys, and old-fashioned hometown charm. 

“The Cowboy’s Catch” by Kimberly Krey is a funny tale with a smidgen of heartbreak sure to bait and hook interest.  Jason leaves his famous Hollywood family for Big Sky to live his cowboy dreams. Marlee is determined to guard her heart against the charming cowboy.  Ms. Krey manages to infuse this short story with just enough angst and wit to give readers two people they cannot help but feel are meant to be.

“Selling Her Ranch, Stealing His Heart” by Annette Lyon delivers a tale of grief, love, and achieving the heart’s desire. After the death of the owner of J-Bar-D Ranch in Big Fir, Teresa and the owner’s grandson, Derek clash over the ranch’s sale as they try to deny their feelings.  Ms. Lyon’s brief glimpses of side characters, along with a few kisses and love for a piece of land is not compelling enough to provide a plausible reason for readers to believe the character’s feelings are deep and true.  

“The Cowboy’s Second Go” by Cindy Roland Anderson is country western ballad of reawakened romance and boot tapping drama! After experiencing scandal and heartbreak, Callie and Ty both return to their hometown of Sunset Falls. Old sparks from teenage infatuation are reignited and the two hope the embers can be stoked to blaze once again.  Ms. Anderson’s tale hums along like a Sunday afternoon stroll. The romance is authentic, the heartbreak is palpable, and the triumph is off the charts!

This collection delivers three stories chock-full of stolen kisses and moonlight walks. Readers will swear they can hear the strum of guitars, the picking of fiddles, and the sweet song of cicadas down by the creek. 

Tonya Mathenia