Beyond Love

Barbara J.

After the car accident that took her husband and son away and her own lengthy recovery, Michael McCall is ready to go back to the university and teach. This makes the appearance of an eight-year-old runaway named David somewhat inconvenient. After returning David to his arrogant father, Dr. Richard Hampton, her life should have been back on track. Yet, Richard comes back with a proposal: being a companion to David who, with his lack of a mother and father’s demanding job, is a rather lonely little boy. Michael says yes to six months, ignoring that something between her and Richard. Soon, however, it will grow more difficult to ignore, but her past, as well as Richard’s might bring everything to an end, before it’s even started. 

A heartwarming story of lonely people finding and struggling to keep each other! Ms. Duell has created a marvel: a simple, honest love story that’s incredibly appealing. Both Michael and Richard are crafted to be real enough to touch, almost, and rooting for them is guaranteed. There are sections of the story that feel a bit too slow and dragged out, with some contrived twists, but they don’t detract much from overall enjoyment. Bonus points to the author for dialogue, which is particularly engaging at times! “Beyond Love” is proof positive that a romance novel doesn’t need explosions, vampires or handcuffs to win over a reader’s heart.

Mimi Smith