Beyond the Ivory Tower


Math Professor Anna Lazarev, who believes in the importance of getting a higher education, becomes very upset when her younger sister decides to drop out of college and pursue her future through the Talbot Fellowship. Ethan Talbot, the Venture Capitalist who is responsible for funding the sponsoring foundation, believes that students should be able to pursue their dreams without the expense and time it takes to obtain a degree. When Anna demands that Ethan release her sister from the program, sparks fly. However, the sparks ignite when Anna and Ethan discover there is more between them than opposite beliefs. 


"Beyond the Ivory Tower" is a sexy romantic love story set against the beautiful sights of San Francisco and the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. Containing strong characters that are real and easy to relate to, the story line moves at a comfortable pace while taking the reader down the sensual path of love. However, the inclusion of foreign words and phrases with no explanation as to their meanings causes a few hiccups in the flow, but in no way diminishes the overall appeal of the story. With sizzling chemistry that is palpable, love scenes that smolder, and hurdles that must be overcome, this novel grabs the interest of the reader and has them rooting for a happily ever after. A delightful read that will have one sighing with pure pleasure when all is said and done. 


Janna Shay