Beyond the Dark


In “Beyond the Dark”, Malaki James has spent most of his adult life running from the demons of his past. He’s tried to make a life for himself, but his attempts keep on backfiring. When he moves to Washington State, he meets Emsley Dalton, a young woman who also knows loss and has struggled to overcome it. She’s a light in the darkness for Malaki. But the darkness that is threatening him may be too powerful for even Emsley to overcome.

This book is a rollercoaster of emotions, throwing the reader from sadness to happiness, instantly making the reader care about characters that are so broken and so tragic that the reader starts to worry they might never find a way to heal again. Emsley and Malaki both have a darkness clinging to them, a haunted and tragic past that they struggle to overcome, and they find so much strength and courage in the other person, that it’s very inspiring, and gives hope, even in the bleakest moments.

The writing is excellent, and every scene is perfect, from the description of the setting to the showcase of the characters’ emotions – which all feel very real. Readers in the mood for a light read are best off not picking up this one, however, because what “Beyond the Dark” does best of all, is pull at a reader’s heartstrings and bringing them to the verge of tears. A truly amazing book.

Majanka Verstraete