Reviews - Contemporary

WESTERN:  Carrie Wang has studied at the best medical school in NY that her parents could pay for. She has done very well until one day at the office when she gives in to a crush. A neurosurgeon that she has had her eye on for some time is coming on to her and they end up in a closet consummating their relationship.

Dating Cary Grant

Tracy Conner is not in a happy place in her marriage. She works in New York and is looking for an apartment closer to her job at the television studio. Her husband Mike is the mayor of a small town in Connecticut and he is more married to that city and its townspeople than to her.

Learning to Love

Andrea Kelly has a lot going on.  A single mom, she is juggling living with her two teenagers, a toddler, her fiancé and a mother in the early stages of dementia.  She wants to open a vintage clothing store and is acquiring inventory while still teaching at the village elementary school.

Daniel Whitman has a mission: turn the Emerald Springs Retreat into an eco-friendly resort.

Lila’s Choice

Everybody knows that Lila and Nate belong together. Everybody, that is, except the two of them. Lila sees Nate as a good friend, so when her childhood friend Bryce shows up, she cheerfully starts dating him.