Betting on Paradise (Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys Book 4)


Ty Garraway has  always been a betting man — and he’s betting that he'll be able to win back the family property lost by his grandfather in a poker game 80 years ago. The family lore has always said it was an unfair game and Ty has a letter to prove it. Grace Crockett’s family now owns the land formerly held by the Garraways They have no idea what Ty is planning when they hire him on as a hand. Grace just knows that Ty is absolutely on board with her starting her own restaurant and she finds that she’s falling for him in a big way. There will be fireworks when she learns what Ty is really up to.

Ms. Selvig certainly knows how to describe Paradise when the characters are on the back seven thousand acres of the property! It is easy to imagine this area with its green grass and mountain in the background. There are so many characters in this piece that one would think it would become confusing, but Ms. Selvig guides the reader through and lets one get to know each of the characters individually, including the identical triplets. The emotions throughout this piece are genuine and one can feel Ty’s angst when he is pulled between his feelings for Grace and his plan to betray her and her family. For those who haven’t gotten enough of the Crockett clan, there are six more books in this series and they are great as standalone novels.

Belinda Wilson