Betting on Love in Vegas (Building Love Book 1)


Catherine Warner and Ty Orland are like oil and water in the business world but when the two first meet – comically neither knowing who the other is – sparks fly!  Catherine has money problems and wonders if she can keep her quaint inns afloat.  Ty has been put in the position of absolutely having to acquire Catherine’s land so he can complete his ‘Goliath’ project, which is already halfway built.  These issues make for the perfect blend of conflict and tension - both in the bedroom and out!  Ty and Catherine will be forced to make life altering decisions.  Which is more important: business or love?

Ms. Hoff sets up the perfect blend of an intriguing plot, slow-building romance, and sexual tension to create a wonderful, quick and fun weekend read!  Catherine and Ty’s dilemmas are both believable and interesting, and the reader will be quickly turning pages to find out how it will end.  Characters are engaging, believable, and easy to root for.  The handful of things that could have been improved upon did not slow the story down too much.  The author uses a lot of internal dialog for both characters, which at times can be lengthy and ill-placed.  Conflicts are often unrealistically solved far too quickly.  Also, readers closely familiar with Vegas might find some inaccurate details in relation to the city, a bit detracting from setting believability.  Other than these details, the story is a sweet romance and will leave readers with an overall warm and satisfied feeling right up to the last page.    

MB Rose