Betting on Cinderella (Cinderella Romances #2)


Garrett Tucker was practically raised by his grandfather. When he gets the call that his grandfather, the “Prince of Vegas,” has died, he immediately takes over his grandfather’s last venture, a rundown casino in Biloxi. With signs that someone is embezzling, and an old rival is invading the casino, Garrett has plenty to fill his plate, especially since the main suspect in the embezzlement is a woman he falls for at first sight. Andi Ryan has a life back in Florida, but when her godmother calls in need of help she heads to Biloxi right away, only to discover things are worse than she suspected. Taking a job at the Bayou Princess casino should allow her to watch over her godmother, but it looks like someone is trying to skim funds and blame it on her! Can Garrett and Andi uncover the perpetrators or will lady luck desert them in the end?

The second book in the “Cinderella Romance” picks up shortly after the first book leaves off and focuses on a new couple in a modern take on an old fairy tale classic. The plot is smoothly laid out and the main characters are developed, however, the story is rather predictable, the rest of the cast flat. Even the action and danger are minimal. Still there are a couple of minor twists, and the romance if nothing to gush about is sweet and feels right. Overall, “Betting on Cinderella” is a winner for someone looking for a low risk read.

Sarah E Bradley