The Better Man


Deege Morgan has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence under his belt, but no job to pay off his mountain of student loans. When he takes a teaching job, it’s not exactly what he wanted to do, but he has to pay the bills somehow. He believes this will be a stepping stone to the dream job he wants at a tech company. Assistant Principal Audrey Roberts has a tough job on her hands when applications to the school increase. She needs to find teachers asap so she can accommodate all of the applicants and increase the class sizes. Dr. Deege Morgan is relentless in his pursuit of her and trying to get her to calm down. As their feelings grow, they must work together to make sure the school gets off the ground.

“The Better Man” is a contemporary romance that fans of this genre will enjoy. The two main characters are total opposites, yet despite their initial differences, they fit together well. As far as the storyline goes, there are a few glitches that take away from the overall feel of the book. More complexity and development of the characters would have added more depth into the novel and brought it up to another level. The plot moves at an even pace and there are a lot of aspects where the description was really well done. Bonnie Gardner has written a charming novel that is great to lay out in the sun and chill with.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick