Bet You Still Think of Me


NOVELLA: What is the cost of a second chance with your one true love? Colton Reed is the popular lead singer for the rock band, Summertown. The past two years have seen him rocket to fame with his fantastic repertoire of songs and gorgeous looks. His fans love him, especially the female ones. The trouble is the wife he has kept hidden. Kate Thomas is his first love, and a very talented composer and songwriter. She and Colton co-wrote all the songs that have won him his Grammys and platinum albums. But no one knew about her. Colton’s neglect, drinking, and drug use eventually drove her completely out of his life. She wanted a divorce, but he never signed the papers. Now, Colton has conspired to ask Kate for another chance. Will dinner and a chat be enough to win her back?

Second chance romances are often burdened by the issues that caused the romance to go sideways. In this case, Zoe Forward has combined elements of contrition, chemistry, and humour to steer Colton and Kate’s relationship back on course. Kate gets to voice her hurt. Colton acknowledges his past regrets. However, possibly due to the shortness of the six chapters, the plot arc feels quite rushed. A funny accident involving a priceless guitar and a sensitive part of Colton is used as an excuse to break the tension. Then, the steam is turned up and up to reheat the frosty union. The result is a short snack for any romance reader eager to quickly get to a reunion and happy ending!

Joan Lai