Beneath the Surface (The Oak Creek Series Book 2)


Ryan Collins seems to have it all. As a successful photographer, he has the money and lifestyle many only dream of. Emily is settling into her new home, left to her by her Aunt Millie, while continuing to work on her sketches. As Ryan and Emily stumbled upon their towns’ dirty little secrets, both of their lives are temporarily put on hold until they can testify. As Ryan deals with his past, Emily faces new struggles dealing with the trauma and injuries from her kidnapping. She also, unknowingly, hires someone from Ryan’s past who brings out the worst in him even more. Together they can either overcome their fears and demons or let them tear them apart. 

Book two in the Oak Creek Series is sure to delight fans. As readers get to know Ryan and Emily a little better in book two, new readers to this series may also feel the need to go back to the first book to get the full story of what brought Emily and Ryan to the place they are now, since this installment only briefly touches on it. One drawback of this installment is the grammatical errors that can be distracting but don’t necessarily pull readers away from the story itself. Another issue some readers may have is the number of plotlines that really don’t add to the story in any significant way in the long run. The main plot line is solid and provides an overall enjoyable read.  “Beneath the Surface” will tug at the heartstrings of anyone who has demons in their past, or present, and needs to overcome them in order to live their best life. 

Alison Ellis