Bells will Be Ringing

Monica Tillery, Carolynn Carey,
Diane Jean, Angelita Gill

"Bells Will Be Ringing" contains four Christmas-themed short stories, each uniquely set with heroines that long for love during the holiday season and ultimately have their hearts' desires fulfilled. The reader will be swept away from the classic office work party, to an historic Regency estate, then a Hawaiian resort and finally a cozy cabin in Colorado. With no shortage of alluring men who win the ladies over heart and soul, there is plenty going on under the mistletoe in this Christmas collection to entertain you!


This is an anthology that will definitely delight the holiday reader! “Her Secret Santa” is a wonderful introduction to the discovery of love that sets the pace of this book.  Rebecca opens her heart to love and what better time than at Christmas. Hers and Ben's is a classic story that never gets tired. “Merry's Wonderful Christmas Gift"  is a step back into time with Merry, a charming young girl who instantly endears herself to the reader.  Her story of finding true love with Edward, Earl of Branford is charming and a real delight.  “His Hawaiian Christmas” delivers us to a different sort of holiday experience with Clara and Kai who are an unlikely pair but the kind of love that proves opposites do attract. Kai's cool attitude is irresistible and Clara's honesty keep them real and interesting.  In “Gavin Fever,” Gavin and Julia are thrown together unexpectedly and rekindle an old relationship that keeps the reader romanced. They take a short time to reveal their hearts but they do raise the temperature and will keep the reader wonderfully warm.  


Margaret Faria