Believe in Me

Mishael Austin

Trina Gray is going home for Christmas – she has a  lot to sort out in her life.  She is divorcing her husband Walt after she caught him in a steamy kiss with her sister Tammy!  Except Walt won’t go away, he wants Trina back.   He will also be staying with her parents during Christmas, is this the chance he has been waiting for?  Trina doesn’t want to make up, she’s ready to move on, and opportunity presents itself in the form of Kurt Lincoln, an old high school flame.  Trina thinks she knows what she’s getting into, but Kurt is keeping secrets, and Trina finds he is not all he seems.  Does she really want to have a holiday fling?  Or does she want Walt back in her life?  Can she forgive him for his indiscretion?  Can she forgive her sister for  betraying her?

“Believe in Me” is a touching story of a couple trying to weather a life storm.  The author explores the depths of hurt over betrayal, and the healing power of forgiveness. The story does follow along a little too predictable lines.   A little more tension in the  relationships with a struggle toward forgiveness would add to the story’s edge.  More dialog with Kurt and more depth to that encounter would also add needed balance and urgency to Walt’s pursuit of Trina.   Still, “Believe in Me”  will draw the reader in and keep them turning pages to discover if  Walt will  recapture Trina’s heart and if romance can really win the day!

 Victoria Z. Burg