Been Searching For You


Annabeth is a professional in a PR firm, having worked her way up and proven herself, but at 33 she longs to find her soulmate.  She’s been writing him a letter every year on her birthday since she was 16, and wants to share those letters with the right person. Having been hurt, she’s wary of men. Alex is a professor at the university which hires Annabeth’s PR firm to boost enrollment by proving an English degree can sustain a career. Things are about to get very interesting.


Annabeth is a fairly typical contemporary, professional female. She has oddball friends, a good job she enjoys, a family with a few issues, an ex who just won’t go away—everything readers will recognize in themselves and their friends. She has flaws we get to listen to, as it’s written in first person, but nothing that pushes her into unbelievability. Readers see Alex through Annabeth’s eyes, and upon occasion he seems either too good to be true, or a player, something many single women think about in never-ending loops, but is written well enough to seem normal. There are a few missing pieces that, though filled in eventually, readers may feel cheated out of being a part of—her virginity is a much talked-about plot point and all the discussion and action about it is skipped completely. The twists and turns are not shocking, but are painful, and do not come from nowhere, a credit to the author for making this delightful tale feel as warm and comfortable as an old friend.


Julie York