Becoming Mrs. Walsh


Shoshana went from a mid-western middle class girl to a D.C. socialite instantly when she became engaged to Andrew Walsh.  The Walsh family lifestyle quickly sucks her in and Sho's outlook on money and her core ideals begin to change.  The longer she lives the life of glitz and glamour, the more enamored she becomes.  When she begins to become disillusioned with her fiancée and resentful of his classified job with its high demands, Shoshana does the unthinkable and begins to fall for another man.  As her feelings become more apparent, her wedding date gets closer, and her addiction to a life she never expected to lead grabs hold even more strongly, the eminent question looms:  should she follow her head or her heart?  And what do they tell her to do?

Readers who enjoy love triangles will simply eat this up!  Sho's confusion and ethical dilemma are only part of the story. The lavish and opulent lifestyle of the super-rich is an enticing world to be in.  Fancy clothes and private jets are pipe dreams to most, so this story is an escapist's dream!  While the plot moves forward fairly quickly, there is a decided lack of character development.  Sho certainly changes over the course of the book but both love interests' true characters remain just out of reach.  During conflict especially, character's actions and reactions are often confusing and the dialogue feels forced and not altogether authentic.  However, there's something about this author's writing that keeps the story moving forward. The ending will have one in turns holding their breath and then panting for more!

Nicole Duke