Beauty Found

Laura Lee

Hazel Lee is the beloved local beauty who has never married. She is consumed with two things: the town’s library and helping others. Due to her father’s past reputation of being the town drunk the community assumes this has led to Hazel Lee’s desire and willingness to help Vincent. Vincent, the now homeless, fallen high school football star, suffers from PTSD after serving in the United States Army. He finds a sense of peace when he is around his childhood friend, but knows she deserves more than he can offer. Between dodging dating offers from the self-obsessed mayor and planning the annual Valentine’s Day Ball, Hazel Lee has her hands full. However, none of it matters more than the man who has her heart.

“Beauty Found” is a touching modern-day story of Beauty and the Beast. Hazel Lee’s desire to help Vincent brings tender moments between the two. In some ways, Vincent is more well-rounded than she, with a back story, emotions, present details, and physical descriptions. Readers may find themselves more in tune with his storyline. With such a delicate subject as PTSD, the sarcasm and constant questioning by not only Hazel Lee, but also of the supporting characters toward Vincent comes across as unkind rather than funny. However, the town atmosphere provides a fun backdrop to the overall story. Spelling errors may pull readers out of the story every now and then. Overall, Laura Lee McKellips has produced a clean romance with a sweet ending that will make readers swoon.

Moira Wolf