Beautifully Wounded (The Beaumont Brothers #1)


Lena Benton has always dreamt of finding her one true love and living Happily Ever After, but life hasn’t been kind to her. Her perfect-looking husband started abusing her soon after the wedding. It took her some time to leave, but she managed it - and ran straight into Jackson Beaumont’s bar. 

Jackson is perfectly happy running a bar with his brother and just enjoying life. He has always had a weakness for wounded creatures, and the beautiful, mysterious Lena is definitely wounded. When she shows up, beaten and scared, he offers her a safe haven, his friendship, and in the end, his love.

“Beautifully Wounded” is very emotional read, and the smooth plot hooks a reader. The dual points of view make it easy to sympathize with both Jackson and Lena. In the beginning, Lena is in a dark place, but it’s uplifting to see her come to terms with her past. It’s the extremely short period between them meeting and falling in love that makes their story unbelievable. Even if Jackson’s reaction is removed from the equation, there is deeply abused Lena who, within just a a few days after the most horrific experience of her life, suddenly falls in love? Giving her more time to heal, giving them more time to get to know each other and then fall in love would’ve made for a much more emotionally satisfying read.  Nevertheless, it provides a lovely story about the healing powers of love!

Ruth Lynn Ritter