Beautifully Used (The Beaumont Brothers Book 2)


Brodie Beaumont has a love ‘em and leave ‘em reputation, but he doesn’t care. That is, until the gorgeous Gabrielle Demeres enters his life once again. However, Gabrielle doesn’t want to have anything to do with Brodie, since the first time they met led to a crude seduction attempt because of his misconception of her wants. On the eve of a friend's wedding fate has placed them in a situation where they must once again interact. As they spend time together, the sexual chemistry flares up causing sparks to sizzle and ignite; however, their lives are bogged down by the darkness of their pasts. Will they be able to let them go and let love grow?


This second book in The Beaumont Brothers Series stands alone although, a deeper understanding can be garnered if the first book is read. Told from alternating points of view, the reader is given insight into the deeper feelings and actions of the protagonists. The characters are engaging and likeable, and the plot flows smoothly and unfettered as one follows this moving and emotional journey of love. Not a light-hearted read by any standard, this intricate love story is filled with love, friendship, sensual scenes, and drama that bring out a myriad of emotions. 


Although the story line is one that is often used, it is nonetheless endearing and heartfelt and keeps the reader captivated as the pages are turned. Readers of contemporary romance who are looking for a love story with substance will find this novel right up their alley!


Janna Shay