Be My Hero


 Nathalie is in her mid-thirties, beautiful, successful and yet again a bridesmaid at her twin brother Nate’s wedding - which surprisingly, she’s fine with!  She owns a very successful bridal shop and is always immersed in the business of weddings, so she’s in no hurry to walk down that aisle herself.  At the wedding, she gets the surprise of her life when her ex-almost fiancée,  Evan, walks in.  Six years later, he breezes back into town planning to settle in with his daughter - which of course has the town buzzing.  Nathalie struggles with the dilemma of re-kindling a relationship with Evan after all this time, since he broke her heart before.  She’s busy with her shop and must make a medical decision that will affect the rest of her life and complicate any future relationship she might have.
 This book touches on  issues that many can relate to as they struggle with finding "The One". The reader will instantly love this couple and hope for the best as they struggle to find their way.  The only problem with this book was that is seemed way too short for the subject matter.  One hundred seventeen pages did not allow enough time, so things were wrapped up way too quickly when there was so much more the reader wanted to know!  Another book featuring Nate’s story is promised – so maybe more on this adoring couple is forthcoming…here’s hoping!
Lynne Coyer