Be Mine Forever


Single mother Sara Reed isn’t interested in dating – she is slammed with work, and taking care of her son is a full-time job. But when she meets Trey DeLuca she has to admit that she is tempted. True, he sure looks like a playboy, but he makes her feel like a desirable woman again. As for Trey, he is incredibly tempted by Sara, and not in a one-night-stand way. But nothing more could come out of their attraction, not since he’s moving to Europe in a month’s time. And yet…

A sweet romance between two people so unprepared for all the strings that come with love! Trey is a wonderful hero – not only is he great to Sara, but to Cooper, her son as well. Seeing him bond with Cooper was great, and the little guy was amazing. As for Sara, well, she is a decent heroine, hardworking, loving, but doesn’t quite succeed in standing out. Trey’s family are an intriguing bunch, especially his grandmother ChiChi (she’s a hoot), and his brothers who make the reader impatient to read their stories as well. What the story lacks, however, are distinguishing factors – all the characters are good, the story itself more than adequate, it just doesn’t stand out enough to be truly memorable.  Nevertheless, it’s a great read that will satisfy anyone looking for a romance filled with lots of awww moments!

Ana Smith