Bayou Bound (Book 2 - Fleur de Lis Series)


Biloxi Dutrey has traveled the world as a renowned photographer and has decided its time to go back to her family home, Fleur de Lis. Family traditions run deep in the Dutrey family, but Biloxi is hoping that with her ideas to revamp the plantation the family will bend just a little and let her become the Keeper, before financial ruin takes its toll.


One stormy night while driving home, Biloxi ends up in a ditch and is rescued by the local veterinarian, Nick Trahan. Nick isnt putting up with all the matchmaking going on - he wants a woman who is smart, beautiful and wants a big family. Biloxi Dutrey might be just that woman, if they can they put the decades-old family feud to rest.  Will love rule their relationship, or will the feud destroy what was meant to be? 


This is the sequel to Bayou Bornbut one would never know since Ms. Joyce does an exemplary job of making this book stand on its own. The story is complex and engaging,  and makes one feel as if they are in the deep south right along with all the characters (and there are lots to keep track of!)   Biloxi's and Nick's insecurities and emotions play out as realistic and true, and her settings are wondrously described.  "Bayou Bound" is ripe with southern charm.  Get a glass of sweet tea, sit on the porch and enjoy this compelling tale!


Lynne Bryant