Bayou Born

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Life is hard and sometimes it tries to eat you alive, that’s how Branna Lind feels. She was raised to be a proper Southern Lady but when she finds out her fiancé cheated on her not once but many times. Now she desperately needs a change. Canceling her wedding, she takes a job at a College several states away from her family. However, life can be strange and surprising when it twists and turns!

Being a College Professor is not what James Newbern dreamed of.  But, when life throws you a curve ball... well dreams change. He’s learned his lessons: Beautiful women are nothing but trouble.  Now he’s determined to focus on his teaching and leave the women alone.

Branna is looking for substance in her life, not a man. James is not interested in the beautiful prim and proper Ms. Branna Lind - much work and not his type. But the sparks between them is unlike anything either of them have ever felt before!

This story is a delightful, journey into the hearts of two very different people who have been burned but must learn to stop running from love!  One might get a little lost now and then in this story, as it veers off the topic at hand at times. The ending also seems abrupt. On the other hand, readers will love how strong Branna is and how attuned  James is to life and to Branna.  Overall, it is a very enjoyable get-away...Take a touch of southern spice, throw in a pinch of mystery and you have a recipe for one tasty, heart-felt read!

Melody Prat