The Barista’s Beloved-The River Hill Series Book 4

Rebecca Norinne
Jamaila Brinkley

Maeve Brennan is a whiskey-producing powerhouse. While she’s found success at work, her love life leaves a lot to be desired. She has watched friend after friend find happiness, but when will it be her turn? Ben Worthington is a lawyer turned barista through a series of unfortunate events. He is now living above his friend’s garage trying to figure out his next move. A bad cup of coffee brings Maeve and Ben together for the first time, and then they keep bumping into each other while out with friends. This fuels the romantic fires. Maeve soon finds out she needs help to save a building from an overzealous developer, and Ben’s corporate experience makes him just the man to help her out. 

What a cute love story! Maeve and Ben are very relatable characters. Readers will be able to understand Maeve and her determination while also seeing Ben’s dilemma of the age-old question of money versus happiness. At some points, the characters jump to conclusions a little too quickly, which detracts from the story. Regardless of this, readers will laugh and cry with Maeve and Ben and cheer them on. In order to understand this fourth installment of the River Hill series with its full back story, one needs to read them in order. Go ahead and grab some coffee, sit back, and bask in the glow of this delightful love story. 

Alison Ellis