Barefoot Days (Women of Whitfield #3)


WOMEN'S FICTION:  The Logan kids are all grown up, and parents Mary and Grant are looking forward to their retirement.  Mary is helping plan her oldest daughter's wedding when  a surprise announcement from their other daughter, Sara, has changed her idea of what retirement will be.  Mary is an avid community member who volunteers in many ways.  Grant is always supportive and proud of his wife; she always wants to bring out the good she sees in the people around her.  Even in the small town of Whitfield, there is a dark unfriendly side of the community and Mary soon finds out who her true friends are.  She needs those friends and the support of her family when she is faced with an uncertain future.

The author does an amazing job of telling a story from the  perspectives of two different women, Mary and Sara.  Mary is a character written to inspire women facing unbearable difficulties in life.  Sara’s struggles show how the younger generation deals with the problems that they face with honest reality.  "Barefoot Days" is about two women, and how they tackle their realities with grace, caring, and a lack of judgment.  The journey is not rushed, but beautifully written. The only drawback is the ending — it is abrupt and seems out of context, given how the rest of the story is written.  An inspiring story, "Barefoot Days" is the journey to the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Laura Dinsdale