Baking Love


Kate Sullivan has recently inherited her grandmother's bakery, which specializes in wedding cakes. With Jess, a long time friend, at her side Kate lands the biggest baking job of her career with a bride whose personality isn't easy to deal with. The condescending bride isn't Kate's only challenge when an old boyfriend, Eric Wagner walks into her bakery. Eric has his own gauntlet to run - a choice between the high-end New York society, complete with an awesome job and beautiful bride, or his first love and friends in the small community of Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Lauren Boyd builds a contemporary, albeit predictable romance in this tale. Her lovely descriptions of decorating a wedding cake are more detailed than the wedding venue or the bake shop itself!   Kate is easy to love and the bride, Cecilia, is fun to hate with her demeaning reactions to Kate. The characters are somewhat predictable and two-dimensional. The conflict between Kate and Cecilia is based on jealousy while the conflict between the protagonist and her romantic lead is nothing more than bad timing and poor assumptions. Set these downfalls aside and what is more enjoyable than immersing oneself in the buzz and emotions of a wedding, even if it is a pre-rehearsal? Overall, a smooth read for the romantic in us all.


Shaunna Gonzales AKA Erin Murdock