Baked With Love (A Match Made in Heaven Book 3)


Maureen O’Dowd, owner and proprietor of Inn Heaven, loves to cook and bake for her friends and family. Unbeknownst to everyone, she has been in love with Lucas Alexander, who is now the Police Chief and a single dad, since she was nine years old. Lucas grew up with her family and is her oldest sister’s best friend. Maureen is too afraid to lose his friendship to risk anything more, until Lucas admits to her that he’s wanted more from her than simple friendship for a long time. With Lucas’s teen son Robert in the picture, as well as Maureen’s well-meaning yet interfering family in the mix, Lucas and Maureen will need to find out for themselves how to let “more” work for them, before outside forces ruin their chances.

Ms. Jaeger sure has a hit on her hands with this one! “Baked With Love”, the third book in the Match Made in Heaven series is an absolute gem! The sparks fly between Lucas and Maureen from the get-go, yet neither will admit it, and readers will be pulling for them to get together sooner rather than later. The secondary characters of Maureen’s sisters, Nanny Fee, and Robert, are fabulous additions to the storyline. Nanny Fee is a hoot and will have readers chuckling in multiple places. The only drawback is the multiple typos that can be found throughout the story.  Other than that, “Baked With Love” is a page-turner of a romance story, with plenty of humor thrown in. A definite winner for any reader who adores humor mixed with their romance, and a story they won’t be able to put down.

Piper Valentine