Backup Offer (Stewart Realty Book 9)


Blair leaves Michigan to get away from the love of her life, Brandis, an alcoholic who causes chaos in her life and the lives of her family and his. She moves to Louisville, Kentucky to get a new start, where she opens Blair’s Kitchen, a well-loved restaurant. It is so popular, she decides to expand adding an annex, but is called back to Michigan where her life is turned upside down. Brandis is now ten years sober and very successfully running the family construction company. Blair can barely look at him to say hi. When she returns to Kentucky, the work on the annex is a disaster. The contractor has absconded with the money and taken all the building supplies and trashed the restaurant so badly it cannot be opened for business. A hysterical Blair calls the one person she knows will make it all better – Brandis.

“Backup Offer” examines the hard issues of alcoholism, drug & sex addiction – all pertinent issues in today’s society, and Ms. Crowe deals with these issues in a subtle way. She also stresses the importance of AA meetings for the alcoholic for a genuine touch of reality. The angst between Blair and Brandis is real and can be felt by the reader every time the two are together. For those who are unacquainted with this series, it is confusing when names of previous characters are thrown in with no reference. Brandis’ background is rehashed constantly, which slows the pacing of the story. A touching love story, it is an emotional rollercoaster! It is worth going back and reading the rest of the series!

Belinda Wilson