Back to Us (The Phlox Beauty Series)


Four years ago the love of Zee Malisewski's life walked away from her, and she hasn't seen him since. Imagine her surprise when she comes home to find the one and only Colt Buchanan in her apartment! For Zee, the memories of their life together come flooding back. The same can't be said for Colt.  After spending 7 months in Taliban captivity, he's come back to New York with a severe case of amnesia. He has no memory of the last 4 years. All he knows is that he loves her. How can Colt regain Zee's trust when he can't even remember what drove them apart in the first place?


The second novel in the Phlox Beauty series, “Back to Us” is an intimate look at an unforgettable, albeit imperfect love. Ms. Gabriel's deeply moving storytelling evokes every facet of emotion from the reader. Not only does this book have standout characters, the city of New York shines in this tale. Colt's will to survive because of his love for Zee is powerful. While it's evident that Zee still loves Colt, some of her depictions of him are like she's describing a different person; however, Zee's pragmatic and logical approach to the situation can't mask her love for him. One may also feel that the author missed an opportunity for Zee and her mother to have closure regarding a decades-old secret. All in all, between the beautiful settings and the sweet and satisfying ending, this book is a winner!


Chantel Hardge