Bachelor Number Five


Amanda Perkins' aspirations are elevated when she falls in love. Young and feeling trapped in small-town America, bachelor number five is the catalyst that launches her future. She yanks her waitress apron off and tosses it on the counter. She can sing, but it isn’t fame and fortune she seeks driving away from her mother, but the heart of a reality show guest who is living amongst 3.8 million people in Los Angeles, and she’s going to find him.

There is a disturbing reality to this book, a few lessons to be learned and a healthy dollop of mocking. It’s fiction, but not so far from the truth. While one angle of the story focuses on the falseness of finding one’s soul mate in front of millions of viewers, the other is that youthful narrow-mindedness can land you in a heap of trouble. The point is driven home with a subtle plot and smooth dialogue. Other lessons are gently seeded throughout the story. Gossip isn’t always the truth.  Don’t become blinded by glossy day dreams and miss what’s in front of you. Bravo to Mr. Rosenberg for depicting downtown Hollywood with its eclectic gathering of souls in true colors! This novel is a fine example of the slow, honest burn of falling in love with a real man, not the characters paid to entertain us. The human elements of having faith in yourself, not giving up and following your head and your heart make this one very interesting read!

Natasza Waters