Ava’s Wishes (Whispered Wishes, #1)


Ava Haines is a senior at Wolfenson College pulling a double major - Art and Business - while she works as an intern at a thriving gallery nearby, where her talents are indispensable. Unfortunately, she is looking at taking Statistics 101 for a fourth time if she doesnt get the tutoring she needs. Max Wallis is the last nude model for the art department, winter semester, and quite possibly the crème-of-the-crème form; as well as a statistics tutor and senior at Wolfenson College. Thomas Malloy is an older, successful photographer with an exhibit at the gallery where Ava interns. Get ready for the twist in this romance:  one man will attack her with vile intent while the other will rescue her.


Ms.Pokras does an excellent job of introducing both romantic lead possibilities without shadowing which will be the winner of her heart, or which one intends to bring her harm. The reader is gently led to fall for both men along with Ava and clearly sees Avas repulsions as well as her attractions. Both extremes are well drawn with possibilities that keep the reader on their toes at full attention wondering which, Max or Thomas, will completely win Avas heart. Though the kissing descriptives are light, Pokras includes a scene which some may find disturbing and yet it is pivotal in executing the story to its full extent.  Nicely done!  A contemporary one shouldn’t miss!


Shaunna Gonzales